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Terms & Conditions for delivery

Smart Water will deliver to most domestic and international customers. Alternatively contact your regional distributor for the local supply of our product. For standard orders please use the online ordering system which will automatically calculate your freight cost. For larger orders or distribution/agent enquiries please contact our head office by phone or email.

Refund Policy

Smart Water provides a 14 day “satisfaction” money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product please return it in good condition for a full money back refund. Product that has been damaged or mis-treated is not eligible for a refund.


Smart Water provides a complete one year replacement warranty on all products in our range. If there are any technical faults within one year of the date of purchase the product will be replaced without question. Product that has been damaged or mis-treated is not eligible for a refund. This warranty covers workmanship and technical issues such as, and not limited to, manufacturing faults, component failure, workmanship and software faults.


Smart Water is actively seeking distributors and agents across the globe and we are open for any interested parties to contact us. An attractive distribution/wholesale model is offered to assist and support our global partners.

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